Western Service Workers Association

Established 1973 | Here until poverty isn't

This is WSWA

Here to win, here to stay

Western Service Workers Association (WSWA) is a free and voluntary private membership association built by and for our membership of low-income service, domestic, in-home care, part-time and temporary workers since 1973. WSWA is entirely volunteer run, without a dime of government or other “strings attached” funds. WSWA seeks to eradicate the poverty status of this majority segment of the workforce and achieve a means to determine our own collective destiny.

Through the combined efforts of WSWA members and volunteers, we can meet some of our immediate survival needs, enabling us to take a leadership role in our organization and in the fight for living wages and long-term solutions to the problems of poverty we face as low-income workers. With your volunteer participation, WSWA members can win the fight to determine our own fate and future. Your participation is needed to make that hope a reality!