Volunteer giving the peace sign at a COVID-19 pandemic distribution to low-income workers


WSWA is a 100% volunteer-run, 365 days-a-year membership organizing drive

The more volunteers we have, the stronger voice we create to put forth our demands for systemic change. Living-wage jobs, adequate healthful food, safe and secure housing and utilities are necessities to end poverty for all working people. Please call WSWA at (916) 456-1771 to schedule a time you can come in and attend an organizing activity that starts with an orientation for new volunteers. Bring a friend!

WSWA’s Method of “On-the-Job” Training

See One, Do One, Teach One

WSWA teaches basic organizing skills to all who dare to care and invest the time to learn. Ask about our organizer training programs, including classes in organizing method and lessons from the history of labor and political organizing in the U.S.

Here is a sampling of routine weekly activities. Please ask for more details when you call WSWA at (916) 456-1771 or stop by WSWA’s office at 5040 Perry Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95820 – open 7 days a week, daytimes and evenings.

Man holding sign "Stop State Wage Theft"
Volunteers on Phone Training Session

Organizing As a Profession

Full-Time Organizers Needed!

WSWA provides organizer training through all its activities, thus giving volunteers the opportunity to become professional volunteer organizers – you must dare to care and invest the hard work to learn while doing, in other words, engage in “on-the-job training.” Volunteers are needed 365 days a year, daytimes and evenings, whether for a day, an hour, a week, a summer, a year or for the rest of your life! We own a strategy, a method and have a track record of success. The only missing ingredient is you! Call WSWA today at (916) 456-1771!


Door-to-Door Membership Canvasses

Saturday 10am to 3pm

Utility Bill Advocacy

Tuesday 1-4:30pm and Friday 10am to 1pm

Volunteer Phone Training Sessions

Wednesday and Thursday 6 to 9:30pm

Publication Sessions

Tuesday 1 to 5pm

Fresh Produce Drive

Sunday 11am to 1pm

Supplemental Food Distribution

Sunday 1pm to 2:30pm

Annual Calendar


Winter Survival Campaign


Super Bowl Sunday Tamale Benefit


Family Brunch and Children’s Egg Hunt


Cinco de Mayo Outreach


Summer Survival Campaign


WSWA Anniversary Dinner Celebration


Back-to-School Clothing and Supplies Distributions


Children’s Safe and Sane Halloween Party & Chaperoned Trick-or-Treat for Service Workers


Thanksgiving Food Basket Distribution


Family Holiday Party & Toy Distribution to Parents for their Children, Holiday Food Basket Distribution